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  • Catastrophe Insurance Advisory

    Innovative strategies from a reliable partner.

    Raymond James is a leader and one of the foremost national experts in the government risk management sector. As an insurance advisor to public insurance companies and public entities, we take a holistic approach to helping our clients with a variety of catastrophic perils across the country, from hurricanes in Florida to earthquakes in California. We address our clients’ individualized risk management needs by analyzing their capital structure, implementing risk transfer programs, and working to strengthen their organization and capital structure.

    An independent fiduciary, Raymond James assists clients with all aspects of their risk transfer programs. We not only help determine the appropriate amount and type of risk transfer, we also establish the amount and efficient placement of each risk transfer alternative, including traditional, nontraditional and capital markets. Additionally, we act as an investment management consultant for some of the country’s largest public sector clients, whose portfolios range from $200 million to more than $16 billion. Raymond James proudly serves as an independent fiduciary and investment consultant while upholding our long-held tradition of always putting clients first.

    Catastrophe Bond Issuance Capabilities

    • Creating the offshore special purpose vehicle
    • Analyzing potential triggers, attachment points and the tradeoff between expected loss and pricing
    • Negotiating key business terms on the cedant’s behalf
    • Developing the transaction documents
    • Participating in the investor roadshow and working one-on-one with investors
    • Representing the cedant in pricing negotiations with the underwriter, to achieve the most-effective execution
    • Assisting in the investment of collateral in the trust fund
    • Providing a fairness opinion with regard to pricing and execution
    • Assisting the cedant in all other key areas


    Traditional and Non-traditional Reinsurance Capabilities

    • Drafting and review of the reinsurance contracts
    • Analyzing the overall capital structure
    • Recommending the placement of the traditional reinsurance layers in order to generate the greatest relative economic value to the client
    • Participating in the roadshows to market the reinsurance placement
    • Analyzing the quotes from the reinsurers
    • Comparing the quotes to other reinsurers within the same covered layer as well as to the pricing from past years’ placements
    • Working with the reinsurance brokers to ensure the best possible pricing in the current market for our clients


    Experience and Expertise

    Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund
    Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

    Florida’s state-sponsored reimbursement fund for residential property insurance (wind risk)

    Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
    Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

    Florida’s state-sponsored residual market property insurer (wind risk)

    Florida Insurance Guaranty Association
    Florida Insurance Guaranty Association

    Florida’s guaranty association to cover insurer insolvencies in the State of Florida

    California Earthquake Authority
    California Earthquake Authority

    California’s state-sponsored earthquake insurance provider (earthquake risk)

    Metropolitan Transportation Authority
    Metropolitan Transportation Authority

    New York City’s metropolitan transit system (storm surge and earthquake risks)

    Louisiana Citizens
    Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

    Louisiana’s state-sponsored residual market property insurer (wind risk)

    North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association

    North Carolina’s state-sponsored residual market property insurer (wind risk)

    Texas Windstorm Insurance Association
    Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

    Texas’ state-sponsored residual market property insurer (wind risk)


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    Managing Director
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    Sasha Stipanovich
    Vice President
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