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  • Board of Directors

    Charles G. von Arentschildt
    Retired, Former Chairman and CEO,
    Global Markets, North America,
    Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
    Thomas A. James
    Chairman Emeritus,
    Raymond James Financial
    Shelley G. Broader
    Former Director, President and CEO,
    Chico’s FAS, Inc.
    Gordon L. Johnson
    Highway Safety Devices, Inc.
    Bob Dutkowsky
    Executive Chairman,
    Tech Data Corporation
    Roderick C. McGeary
    Retired accounting executive
    Jeffrey N. Edwards
    Chief Operating Officer,
    New Vernon Advisers, LP
    Paul C. Reilly
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
    Raymond James Financial
    Benjamin Esty
    Professor of Business Administration,
    Harvard Graduate School of
    Business Administration
    Raj Seshadri
    President, U.S. Issuers,
    Mastercard Incorporated
    Anne Gates
    Retired, Former President,
    MGA Entertainment, Inc.
    Susan N. Story
    Lead Director, Raymond James Financial,
    Director, President and CEO,
    American Water Works Company, Inc.
    Francis S. Godbold
    Vice Chairman,
    Raymond James Financial
    Leadership Team