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  • Private Wealth Services

    Powerful enough to serve anyone. Personal enough to serve you.

    The complexities of the financial world demand a keen understanding of issues unique to the management of significant wealth. At Raymond James, we take tremendous pride in that stewardship. Our client-focused approach puts your needs and objectives at the forefront of everything we do, and our robust capabilities enable us to create customized investment strategies that are designed to align with your specific requirements and aspirations.

    Who We Serve

    Driven by results and service.

    Whatever your unique needs and aspirations may be, our sophisticated financial service relies on a strong partnership with you and an in-depth understanding of your current situation and ideal financial future.
    • You’re likely familiar with the challenges of family wealth, which is why we make it our priority to handle all matters related to it – from managing and preserving to giving and legacy building – leaving you free to focus on the family. Our services include:

      • Asset management
      • Tax strategies
      • Education planning
      • Insurance
      • Charitable giving
      • Estate and legacy planning

    • In addition to its privileges, your professional success is accompanied by certain complexities and responsibilities. To help you manage them, we offer you expertise and strategies for:

      • Concentrated equities
      • Income tax awareness
      • Risk management
      • Share repurchasing
      • Corporate benefits planning
      • Executive benefits
      • Employee retirement plan programs

    • Given how much you’ve put into your business, our goal is to ensure you get just as much back with a full range of services to help you grow, protect and ultimately transfer your greatest asset, including:

      • Business succession planning
      • Retirement plans
      • Asset preserve
      • Risk management
      • Transition plan strategy
      • Estate and tax planning
      • Capital markets
      • Sale of business

    • Success like yours is rare, and we can help you make the most of it with support to help address every facet of your finances. From strategies designed to preserve your income to guidance for your next opportunity, we can assist you with:

      • Tax planning
      • Risk analysis and management
      • Retirement planning
      • Disability insurance
      • Asset preserve

    • In good times or bad, a significant wealth event will always require careful management to help you preserve your wealth, provide income for your lifestyle and build your legacy. Our private wealth services can help you manage the wealth you receive through:

      • Sale of a business
      • Sale of real estate or other family asset
      • Capital markets transaction (e.g., IPO)
      • Substantial inheritance
      • Lump-sum retirement payout
      • Divorce
      • Legal settlement
      • Exercise of stock options
      • Unexpected windfall

    • Elite success opens a world of possibility few will ever experience – and still fewer can navigate well. Helping stewards of profound wealth capitalize on success is the sole focus of the Private Institutional Client (“PIC”) desk. Taking an institutional approach, PIC leverages the extensive resources and capabilities of its professional team to generate sophisticated investment and capital markets-based solutions.

      • Co-investment opportunities
      • Opportunistic direct equity investments
      • Private debt syndication
      • Manager seeding opportunities
      • Specialized investment strategies
      • Structured capital markets and lending transactions

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